Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review Of The Thriving Artist

Let me tell you something about this product that nobody else will dare have the nerve to tell you. As good as it is, and it’s darn good, you are still going to have your work cut out for you. Why? Because the arts are a killer way to make a living. They are the most competitive fields on the planet…hands down. Do NOT expect to go through this product and sell all your paintings inside of a day. It’s not that easy.

Having said that, if anything is going to prepare you to sell your art, this product will do it. The author, Steve Popkin, is an artist himself. A glass artist no less. Talk about a tough sell. And not only that, Steve admits that he isn’t the greatest glass artist in the world. In fact, he says he is quite average. Yet, he sells his art while better artists don’t. So you have to ask why.

The answer is because this guy, like it or not, has learned how to be a marketer of his art. Yes, he’s a salesman. I used to think the two things didn’t go together, but obviously they can. Anyway, Steve shares every secret that he knows about how to make your artwork desirable to others. Now, you’re probably thinking, why would he share his secrets? Why not keep them to himself? Hello…glass artist? Do you really think he is worried about competition for what he creates?

Anyway, the product is excellent. I can’t possibly go over everything in it as I’d be writing for a year and a day, but Steve goes over how to get name recognition, how to get buyers for a piece before you’ve even created it, how to do exhibits and almost guarantee you go home with money in your pocket…and so much more.

Steve has designed a system that he’s put together in 27, yes, 27 sections. No, this is not some light reading. There is a lot to absorb. But if you’re serious about wanting to sell your artwork, then you’ll take the time to go through this package. I guess it depends on how important it is to you. But make no mistake about it…this guy knows how to sell artwork.

Here is the site where you can check out what he has to offer.

Review of The Thriving Artist

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